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"Yes we can! fix your computer"

Motherboard Repairs:   We are now repairing Motherboards. We Infra-red solder BGA (ball grid arrays) repairs and chip replacement on all sorts of Motherboards. Many electronics have these Laptops, Computers, TV's, Xboxes, and Other Electronics.  Click Here


We now offer lifetime warranty on our laptops. If we have your part in stock its covered. Thats right if we have the part your laptop needs its free.
Exclusions, hardrives, lcd's, digitizers, monitors, power supplies. under normal wear, service charges may apply.

We realize that good tech help is hard to find. Millions of people have had to throw away or recycle their computers because they were told their machine couldn't be fixed. Broken laptop screens, bad motherboards, broken DC power jacks, nasty viruses, and structural damage have often been perceived as the nail in the coffin.

If this sounds at all familiar to you, then it's time to bring us your Computers, Laptops, TV's, and Electronics The good news is that your equipment can ALWAYS be repaired. Believe it or not, Here's where we come in. We specialize in servicing laptop, macbooks and desktop computers of all makes, models. Difficult repairs and niche jobs are no problem. We know computers inside and out. We know which parts to stock and where to stock them from. Most important of all, we know how to treat our customers. Therefore, you don't have to worry about problems being incorrectly diagnosed or repairs taking too long. Feel free to browse our site or contact us.


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